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How do I prepare for an OT Driving Assessment

Booking the Occupational Therapy Driving Assessment was easy, but all of a sudden the nerves have hit and you are unsure of how to prepare. Depending on the background to the need for an OT Driving assessment, you may find that you have been driving for the last 15 (or maybe 2, or perhaps 60) years and hold an unblemished record. You are confident in your driving, but what about the theory part at the start??!! Or perhaps you have a child or parent booked in for an assessment- how do you support them to prepare for the assessment?

Firstly relax! The OT Driving Assessment is not designed to catch you out, nor is the person required to get 100% of responses correct in a limited amount of time. This is not a quick one shot pass or fail test! The goal of the theory based assessment is to explore the person's background, the current situation and what specific needs they may have so that the OT can be prepared for the practical onroad assessment. It may be identified that the person doesn't hear so well, or that they have reduced range in their neck, perhaps the procedure for roundabouts is rusty or they need specific language (words) to direct them?

The OT Driving assessment is a means to look at driver fitness and capacity to drive safely, it is not a driver knowledge test, but more a review of whether bad habits have crept in or there is a need for compensatory strategies or whether medical conditions have resulted in problems with decision making, response times or fatigue.

So how can you, or someone you love, best prepare for the assessment.

  1. Take a look through the NSW Road Users Handbook. You can click the link to take you there, or pop in to your local registry for a hard copy book

  2. Make sure you have your prescription glasses up to spec and clean ready to go

  3. Have a list of any medications that you may take, including any over the counter vitamins

  4. Have a list of any questions that you may have for the OT

  5. On the day of the assessment, don't wear new shoes! Your comfy shoes that you always wear when driving will be perfect.

  6. Relax and remember to breathe!

We are expecting you to be nervous and we understand that it may have been a few months since you last drove a car (or you may not have had a break in your driving at all). What you can expect is that we will be kind, patient and keen to work with you through every step of the assessment.

If you assessment is booked through ATZ Driving Solutions, you will have received your appointment letter confirming the location and time of assessment. This letter will also advise which Driving Instructor will be assisting with the on road testing. You will also have been given access to the OT Driving Assessment resources. Alternatively, take a look at the links and resources on the ATZ Driving Solutions website, or drop me a line to so that you can have any questions answered quickly and not waste any time worrying!

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