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ATZ Driving Solutions

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Spoiler!! I already told you that I am Nicole Young and launched right in on the home page with a little bit of the background to ATZ Driving Solutions! So rather than go over it again, I thought I would tell you a little bit about WHY I get out of bed to do OT Driving Assessments and what motivates me to provide the services we do.

In short, through ATZ Driving Solutions (ATZDS), I am focussed on providing down to earth and friendly Occupational Therapy Driving assessments and vehicle access consultations for people from teen through to centurions. I want to ensure that dignity is maintained through the assessment process, voices are heard and everyone understands what the options are for the individual's driving future.


I understand that regardless of whether you are exploring if you have the Potential to get a Learner licence, assessing your ability to learn to drive with hand controls or your reviewing what options are available to access the family car, it is a stressful and overwhelming time. Often the available information at hand can be limited, and the steps of what to do are unclear. So at ATZDS we focus on trying to provide clarity and a friendly voice at the end of the phone.

I am passionate about road safety and believe that driving is a complex life skill that provides an unparalleled level of independence. I also believe in the power of listening and allowing people the time be heard in their own voice and in their own time. Whether it is a comprehensive driving assessment or a vehicle access consultation, it is not just "can they drive", or "how can we squeeze them in". I believe the OT assessment is a look into the person's combined physical, visual, emotional and  cognitive abilities, as well as the equipment and supports they are using.  I will then consider all of the possible options and research all avenues available for the person so that the outcomes provided are entirely tailored, relevant and time sensitive, regardless of how the bill is being paid!

When I am not engaged with a clinical assessment, or ploughing through the paperwork that goes with it all, I keep up to speed on what else is going on in the land of OT Driving Assessments through participation in the National Driving Taskforce, the National Strategic Implementation taskforce for Austroads, the NSW OT Driving Focus Group and the local Hunter area Driving OT Group. 

It isn't all work though! I also share my time with family and friends and am passionate about keeping the roads safe so that when we are out on the bicycles or heading off in the caravan, we only need to worry about having enough spare change for a roadside cuppa along the way!!

Finding solutions to increase independence and road safety

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