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I'm Nicole Young and in 2014 I started A-Z Clinical Solutions- an Occupational Therapy service providing a wide range of supports across Port Stephens, Newcastle, Central Coast and the Hunter. Just typing all that makes me tired! Like many people, 2021 gave me some time at home with my family to really reflect on what I am good at, and where I can achieve my best impact, so my decision to remain in business changed focus. Cue the transition to ATZ Driving Solutions!


No longer will I be providing a one stop shop for all your Occupational Therapy needs, but I will focussed on delivering the very best for your driving assessment and vehicle access needs! When we come across an area that needs attention outside of this I will now be recommending and referring you along to my brilliant colleagues that work outside the space of driving in the wider world of Occupational Therapy equipment, home mods and beyond!! 

What this means is that my diary and my clinic space in Medowie will be set up entirely for Driving Assessments and Vehicle Access assessments. My attention will be solely focussed on this domain so I'll be able to keep up to speed with the changes in technology and legislation. Given that I will only need to be dividing work time between clinical assessment and best practice professional development, I will no longer be trying to be a master of everything across the great wide world of Occupational Therapy and risk dropping the balls or flaming out! So really, it is a whole lot of behind the scenes work for a name change and a vision for better service, better listening and better outcomes so that I am living up to my mission of improving road safety for all! 

Helping unlock the answers to your driving questions.

Finding solutions to increase independence and road safety

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